Orewa Commercial Lawyer

What are the Services of Commercial Lawyers?

Commercial lawyer for OrewaCommercial lawyers are legal professionals who work strictly on legal matters that have affects in a business setting. That is a very broad statement and indeed can cover a wide range of different topics from financing a company start-up, through sales agreements to consumer guarantees.

Businesses everywhere including Orewa are constantly confronted with legal issues that affect them in the here and now, as well as potential concerns which they need to protect themselves against.

As soon as a business is being considered, a decision has to be made as to what form of operation it will be, one of a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a Limited Liability Company. Oftentimes, people will also put their business into the protection and ownership of a trust. Each has advantages and disadvantages including reporting requirements and tax implications. A commercial lawyer in Orewa can provide legal advice in this regard and will be instrumental in assisting with the paperwork that needs to be filed in setting up the business.

If a business needs to have a location, a store or a headquarters, it will need to lease or buy a building, warehouse or some other form of premises. This will require the execution of documents to that effect, and maybe financing too if the building is being purchased. Whichever, you will need a lawyer for all of those actions.

If a business is selling a new product that is proprietary to that business a lawyer might have to apply for a patent for that product, as well as a trademark to protect the marketing integrity of the product.

When a business hires salespeople or any other staff, then sales and commission agreements must by created, as well as correctly written Employment Agreements and Job Descriptions. These must be in accord with the law which is quite complex in this area and the penalties for failing to get this right can be severe.

For businesses that have essential suppliers of products or services, then there will have to be contracts and agreements drawn up. These will need to include performance and quality standards as well as the obvious prices and delivery dates. You might also need to include penalties for sub-standard components or late delivery. An experienced commercial lawyer will have good advice and knowledge to protect you with these issues.

After a while, many companies want to expand and sell shares in order to raise capital. This is a highly complex issue requiring a prospectus, shareholding certification and details of the new ownership. A competent lawyer will be instrumental in that sort of operation, as the legal issues of such a venture have to comply with a number of different Acts of Parliament.

Many businesses simply hire a law firm to go on retainer and in that way, the business will have legal representation at all times when it is needed. There may be disagreements at times with suppliers, competitive businesses, and with the local governmental entities where legal interpretation between their lawyers and your lawyers will need to be agreed. There may be other times when the business may have to take things to court in order to get things settled such as debt collection.

Anytime a business expands its physical presence, that may mean additional property or buildings will have to be acquired, and that again requires the need for a commercial lawyer. They will have to verify the zoning of the land for the proposed usage, prior titles and then the actual financial transaction and filing of ownership deeds.

A commercial lawyer can also be useful for negotiation of pricing, drawing up of real estate contracts, and lease agreements. They will have up-to-date knowledge of other rental rates and leasing issue so they can apply this to your lease negotiations. Plus they are used to negotiating on this scale, something that few business owners have experience with.

Commercial lawyers play a big role in the day to day, as well as the long-term operations of a business. You cannot afford to ignore these issues as failure to do so could result in fines, loss of trade, even the loss of the business and any assets provided as collateral. If you need a commercial lawyer in Orewa, try McVeagh Fleming & Partners. Their team of lawyers covers the Orewa area and can give you excellent legal advice in most matters of commercial law.