Carpet Cleaning Auckland Homeowners Will Like

Carpet Cleaning Auckland – Cleaning Methods

According to medical researchers. there’s a strong link between dust accumulation in rugs and carpets and the worsening of breathing-related medical conditions such as asthma and snoring. If you are still doubting the benefits of carpet cleaning, give a thought or two to the following three ways carpet cleaning Auckland homes can be healthier.


Top Carpet Cleaning Benefits


  1. Carpet cleaning removed trapped dirt. A study by The Environmental Protection Agency showed that dirty carpets can trap various indoor air pollutants such as dust, dirt, pet dander, and cockroach allergens. Also, these particles may bear airborne gases that will eventually end up trapped within the carpet as well.


Carpet cleaners AucklandThese toxic gases get released through daily routine activities such as vacuuming and walking. They will contaminate the air in your home, making you sick and worsening your breathing-related medical problems. Professional carpet cleaning Auckland services use powerful carpet detergent formulas and high-power vacuum cleaners that can kill germs and bacteria, and remove all pollutants and toxic gases buried deep within the carpet fibres.


  1. Carpet cleaning can eliminate dust mites. Dust mite infestations are among the most frequent problems of today’s homes. Nevertheless, most homeowners ignore this situation, as dust mites are microscopic, and therefore invisible to the naked eye. While dust mites can’t harm humans, their feces and body fragments can trigger allergy flare-ups in allergic individuals. As these particles are so small, they can be easily inhaled, ending up in the lungs where they can cause a lot of damage. Many professional cleaning companies use powerful steam cleaning techniques that can dismantle and remove even the most stubborn allergens hidden within carpets. Dust mites can’t survive the high temperatures of the steam jet.


  1. Carpet cleaning can be an effective preventative measure against mould growth. In high-humidity climates, dirty carpets are at risk of developing nasty mould and mildew growths. In order to prevent this from happening, you’d need to vacuum and deep clean your carpet as soon as it is exposed to moisture. The best method to keep mold and mildew off your carpets is to have them professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Should you decide to clean your carpets by yourself, make sure you keep your windows open and turn on your fans to help them dry out as fast as possible.


Professional carpet cleaning services can help you enjoy a healthier and happier home, as they can provide a level of cleanliness you won’t be able to equal unless you use professional tools and detergents.


Our cleaning services will ensure that your home or office will always be spotless and fresh-smelling, in order for everyone sharing those spaces to enjoy a better indoor air quality.


Buying a steam cleaner will probably help you keep your carpets clean and even remove some stubborn stains. However, it won’t match the efficiency and the cleaning power of a professional carpet cleaning service.


Thanks to the professional carpet cleaner water technology, your carpets will maintain their cleanliness for longer. Look for eco-friendly carpet cleaning Auckland people will like such as Go Green Carpet Cleaning.