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North Shore Green Home Builders – The Future Of House Building

SDG home NZGBCMore and more people across the globe are taking note of images of nature returning to at least a semblance of its pre-industrial revolution glory. this is in part thanks to the global economic slowdown and self-isolation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. It has brought home the idea that humanity can enjoy the unbridled beauty of the natural world – the population of the planet needs to simply pay more attention to how economies are run – it cannot be business as usual if we, as a species are to preserve the ecosystems that sustain us. This includes North Shore green home builders becoming more active.

However, even before the effects of the Coronavirus became apparent increasing numbers of people were beginning to take their responsibilities as custodians of the natural world ever more seriously. This involved focusing on organic products, using biodegradable products, and much more. One of the ways in which consumers have been focusing on a kinder and more energy effective way of living is through the design and purchase of Eco or green homes. These houses reduce the footprint of families due to their energy-efficient designs – which reduce the reliance of fossil fuels. They do need specialist North Shore green home builders but there are more North Shore green builders making the switch from conventional building to eco-friendly houses.

So just how are green Eco Homes making a real difference?

There are several design techniques that are currently being employed in the creation of dwellings that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and can also save the homeowner significant amounts of money on their monthly bills.

One of the trends that is fuelling the growth in the construction of green homes is the increased availability of prefabricated units. These units take far less time to erect than traditional homes. They avoid the wastage and environmental damage caused by rubble and disturb the environment far less. They also make extensive use of recycled materials. Newer models also represent excellent value for money when compared to houses that are built using traditional techniques.

North Shore green buildersReducing the carbon footprint of homes is a trend that is growing in momentum. Many homeowners are today choosing to live a lifestyle that removes them from the energy grid to a greater or lesser extent. In fact, there are those Eco Homes that aim to generate as much energy as they consume – making them neutral when it comes to the environmental impact of the fossil fuels that are still used in abundance to supply electricity to the majority of homes. Solar and wind power installations are becoming cheaper and more efficient – and increasingly popular choices for eco-aware homeowners.

Still other Eco Homes are collecting their own water for consumption – and using so-called ‘grey water’ for a variety of purposes including irrigation and cleaning. This reduces the impact of environmentally damaging water sourcing.

Lighting in green homes is also increasingly a focus area. Energy-efficient LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular – and the use of motion sensors which light only those parts of the home that are in use further increases the energy efficiency of the Eco Home.

It is becoming increasingly clear that consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly solutions when it comes to their homes. It is a trend that seems to be accelerating and it shows very little sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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