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Good Ideas For Getting A Top Real Estate Agent

Mark Tung
Mark Tung

When buying your dream home, you will be surprised by how many houses there are on sale. However, when you decide to put yours up for sale, things are not as easy as you would like to think. Some people might tell you that in the current Auckland market it is easy to sell any property but that is not the case. There are many houses which do not make the owner’s reserve price. The key to selling our home and at the price you want is to hire a top real estate agent in Ellerslie.

There are several things that you need to do to make the house more marketable. This generally comes in two aspects.

The first is making sure the house and grounds are tidy, clean and even some minor renovations such as fixing a gate or painting the front door make a big difference. They are after all the first impact that a buyer has of the property.

The other aspect of marketing the house is to have someone who knows how to actually market real estate. This is not as simple as putting an ad in the local paper or real estate magazine. For best results you want to work with a real estate agent who has a good record of marketing properties.

Pricing and location are two key factors. The location you cannot change but the price is certainly within your control. Many times the real estate agent will recommend that you go to auction so the market can determine the selling price. This has advantages and disadvantages but be guided by your local agent. They know the local market and how buyers respond. They have experience so take advantage of that and let them earn their commission.

When selling the house, you need to use all the channels available to make it known. This could be through the newspaper, the Internet, or other places that give it more exposure. Do not limit yourself to the “For sale” sign as this will only be visible to people who drive by your house. Some agents will be more aware of how to use modern marketing methods so be sure to ask them how they plan to market your home. Will they rely on the printed media or will they also include digital channels too?

Another good way to get a fast sale or a higher price is if the agent already knows potential buyers. Often they will have a mailing list of people that are interested in property in the Ellerslie area. This is not something the average home owner has access to. So one question to ask potential real estate agents is about their mailing list.

Selling a home is never easy as there are many things that can fall over before the buyer signs on the dotted line. But you can make the process more likely to succeed if you hire a top real estate agent.

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